KONEXION provides green consultancy services at both macro and micro level. We provide consultancy and installations for lighting and other power saving mechanisms to make places green and reduce overall operating costs.

Konexion works with government bodies and other organizations to devise strategy for clean energy investments most suitable to them. This involves conducting a study on the present situation of affairs, the investments that have happened so far, the available resources in the region and doing a feasibility analysis.

For smaller places like townships, educational institute, etc, our experts conduct surveys and collect data of the areas to be turned green. This is followed by a thorough cost benefit analysis to come up with a solution that makes economic sense. For example, ensuing optimal light levels, optimal usage of other appliances like Radios, Televisions, pumps etc. We understand that everyone has unique needs and this process ensures that we get enough information to provide custom based solution. We also help the client in the implementation of such projects. This  means  providing  the  best  solution to our  client  and  keeping  ourselves abreast of the  latest trends in the  market. We conduct market surveys and have established networks to offer the best and services.

We carry out the installation of products suited for lighting mainly LED and solar based systems. Lighting usually comprises of more than 70% of the installation recommended. For everything else, we can carry out installation and provide maintenance and service. We normally give our clients 3 months free service for all our installations.

Quick Contacts

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