• Reliable, efficient, twin-glass solar tubes heat pipe
  • Copper heat pipes for rapid heat transfer

-Low maintenance effort

-Easy installation of single or multiple units   Corrosion resistant silve brazed copper header

Technical Specifications:

Manifold casing material- Aluminum/SUS304 stainless steel
Frame material - Aluminum/SUS304 stainless steel
Header pipe material - Copper
Heat pipe material - Copper
Insulation - Rock wool
Rubber seals and rings    -UV stabilized high temperature
                        -silicon rubber
Test pressure - 9 bar
Collector mounting - Flat roof/inclined roof
Mounting angle - 15-50 degree
Inlet Outlet - 3/4"


Absorber area is the part of the collector that actively absorbs the light rays. For solar tubes this is defined as the cross-sectional area of the inner tube (selective coated) measured using the outside diameter. ( Eg. 0.047 x 1.72m = 0.08 )